The rooms

there is a few to choose from

From comfortable Traveler rooms to Standard rooms | Superior | Comfort or Lux.
From Attic rooms to those that many modern aristocrats would choose when staying at the Pavco Hotel.
So that everyone can find something for themselves.



Loft rooms

No one has such

Two-level rooms with a unique loft atmosphere. With a mezzanine, construction posts and beams of an original 150-yo wooden structure inside. On the top two floors of the hotel.
Each loft offers a lot of open space, height and a discreet amount of light. With a kitchenette for complete independence of your stay.



The apartment

When luxury matters

A style for those values space, privacy and comfort. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a kitchenette. With a bathtub in the living room. ~90 sq m. space on the top floor of the hotel. Two separate entrances - with the option of arranging one of the bedrooms, e.g. as a meeting room or office.



Rooms for one person

Standard | Superior | Comfort

We have 19 single rooms, including 15 with a comfortable, large 140 cm wide bed, favoured by guests - ideal for people who expect high-quality sleep and rest during a business or tourist trip.
Because we know how important a comfortable, large bed is in a hotel :).



Rooms for two persons

Standard | Superior | Comfort

Rooms with a Queen Size bed
We have 10 rooms with a "double" bed in the hotel.

Classic double rooms
We also have 10 rooms with two single beds in the hotel.

The rooms differ in size (Standard and Superior) and comfort (Standard and Comfort), having the same equipment. The culmination of the offer is the Lux rooms.

Studio room - only one of them

Bedroom & living room

With over 30 sq m. area, the room offers a separate bedroom and a room with a kitchenette. And a large bathroom. This is the perfect room if you are planning a longer stay in our city and want to prepare more than just coffee or tea in the kitchen.