il Pavone


Logo of the il Pavone Restaurant
Logo of the il Pavone Restaurant

Il Pavone is Italian for peacock. The peacock is one of the most beautiful birds on earth. It is majestic and eager to live in royal gardens and parks. Peacocks are characterized by curiosity, perseverance, and sociability. They prefer to stay in small groups and fly brilliantly when necessary. The peacock is the symbol of our restaurant.


what to expect

There are several delicious restaurants in our city. Admited and popular among people with developed culinary tastes.
We do not intend to copy any of them or duplicate their menus. We will follow our own path, offering dishes that can be eaten - prepared this way - only in il Pavone.
To give gourmets a reason to visit our restaurant regularly.

By twos

as a couple or just together

Occasional dinner? The rendezvous? Anniversary? Jubilee? Or just a desire to spend time together in a good restaurant? Whatever tempts you to go to a restaurant, come to il Pavone. Make reservations in advance and enjoy the table prepared for you and fantastic food in a great, elegant atmosphere.

Elegant parties

Receptions and dinners

A party is a special event. Both for the main character, organizers, and invited guests. There are countless reasons for parties - but each party should be perfectly refined and run in such a way that it will remain in the good memory of all its participants for a long time.

Both in terms of the menu, service, and the place of celebration itself. That's why we invite you to the il Pavone restaurant :).

How big parties?

how many people will sit at the table

We do not accept or serve parties for more than thirty people. In the restaurant, we will prepare a table up to twenty people. Twenty-some people can celebrate at a one table in the Konrad room or in the Club room. We will prepare the Konstancja room for thirty-some people.

Baptisms, baby showers, communion parties, birthdays, jubilees, anniversaries, consolations and other celebrations - if they need the right setting, come to il Pavone.


Why don't we do weddings?

Due to the historic nature of the building and the resulting lack of a large enough hall, we do not organize weddings or wedding receptions at the Pavco Hotel.