What's the difference

between craft and industrial beer?

First of all, craft beer is brewed in small local breweries. Industrial breweries produce beer that is to reach the widest possible audience. The approach: 'quantity over quality' and maximum profits - forced reducing production costs to a minimum, making the beer taste unremarkable.

Craft beers are geared towards quality and good taste. Microbrewery focuses on the quality of beers and doesn't limit themselves to brewing one or two types, such as pilsner or lager. Thanks to them, we can discover more and more flavours.


to new taste experiences

Most industrial beers taste identical or very similar. Very low bitterness, simple recipe and a brewing process that does not even use hops.

Each craft beer tastes different, which is why they are so diverse. Today's beer producers offer a wide range of beer styles characterized by a unique recipe, bitterness, colour and alcohol content. If you have tried craft beer once, you will not want to go back to beer from breweries-concerns.

Source: https://pilsvar.pl/co-to-jest-piwo-rzemieslnicze/

The craft beer


You can try unique, real beers with us. It is brewed in short bursts, exceptional if it is about their smell, colour and taste.

The beer baths


In the hotel SPA, in a special room, you will be able to enjoy the beer bath and all of its favours. You are drinking beer if you like.

Beer fraternities


An evening with buddies or with homies? If you value a good atmosphere and great beer, and you are familiar with culture - we invite you to visit us.

Information and reservation

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