Three meeting rooms
- a wide range of possibilities

We will be happy to prepare an offer for you to meet at the Pavco Hotel for dates from January 2024.
Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


Pavco meeting rooms

not only for meetings

We offer three multi-functional rooms: Konstancji*, Konrada* and Club. Intimate and stylish. We dare to say that these are the most representative meeting rooms available in Gorzów hotels.
Depending on your needs, we will efficiently arrange them for a conference, training, meeting or presentation space.

The rooms have an area of 40 to 74 square meters.

Air-conditioned, fully darkened, equipped with comfortable furniture and necessary AV equipment.
Comfortable, pretty, prestigious, classy.


Dimensions of our rooms

Name Floor Area Dimensions
Konstancji Second floor 74 sqm. (797 sqft) 7,8 m x 9,5 m
Konrada ground floor 50 sqm. (538 sqft) 7,0 m x 7,1 m
Klubowa ground floor 40 sgm. (431 sqft) 4,5 m x 9,3 m

Rooms: Konrada and Klubowa - can be connected with internal doors.

Rooms capacity

How many participants can the rooms accommodate?

Room Theatre U-shape School
Konstancji 61 48 37
Konrada 49 20 23
Klubowa 36 24 23

These are the capacities for selected arrangements. There are more possibilities.
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How many rooms does the hotel have?

Single, double and other rooms

43 hotel rooms:

  • 19 single rooms
    - 4 of which with a standard 90 cm wide bed
    - 15 with a super comfortable 140 cm wide bed
  • 10 rooms with a large double bed 180x200 cm
  • 10 double rooms, with two beds 90x200 cm
  • 1 studio room
  • 2 two-level lofts
  • 1 apartment


For training, conference and banquet

Training, conference, corporate event

We can accommodate a group of up to 57 participants in 43 rooms.
There are 29 people in single rooms, 20 in double rooms and 8 in a studio room, two lofts and an apartment.

Banquet, special occasion

If couples can be accommodated in our hotel as part of an event (e.g. a guest with an accompanying person), then we can offer 4 single rooms and 39 double rooms for 82 people. No extra beds are available. Additionally, we can accommodate 6 people.

A pinch of history

* The area of today's Gorzów Wielkopolski was the dowry of Konstancja - the daughter of Przemysł I, Duke of Greater Poland, married to Margrave Konrad of Brandenburg. In 1255, when Constance was still a minor, she was engaged to Konrad, her contemporary, the son of Margrave John I of Brandenburg. The wedding took place in 1260.