Hotel Reception

all around the clock

Phones: 95 734 11 11; 512 334 334


Conferences, events

and other business needs


Parties, banquets

also others receptions


Proper path

to the Pavco hotel

The hotel address is Targowa 2 Street.
Here is the main entrance to the hotel.
If you want to get to the hotel without errors, enter Przemysłowa Street (without a street number) in your navigation.
The entrance to the hotel parking lot is also from Przemysłowa Street, approximately at the cross of Kolejowa Street.

The host

hotel operator

FutureInvest Ltd. L.P.
Warszawa 00-685, Poznańska 21/48 Street

KRS 0001055694  |  NIP 7011162448


Address for correspondence

FutureInvest Ltd. L.P.
Hotel Pavco, Targowa 2 Street
66-400 Gorzów Wielkopolski

The bank

Hotel' bank account number

Bank account number for payments:

PL 06 1090 1900 0000 0001 5530 7853
Santander Bank Polska S.A.